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Parent Reviews Of Movies & TV Shows For Kids

Being a parent can be tough. The day to day pressures often mean we use the TV, our phones or our tablets as a 3rd parent. In American today, our children spend only 900 hours a year in formal education, yet a concerning 1500 hours in front of the TV.

Knowing what is appropriate can be difficult. Shows like Family Guy look like kids TV, but are actually very mature. Even The Simpsons has some questionable moments that might be missed by a 4 year old, but are too suggestive once they know more at 9 or 10.

Are They Old Enough is the answer for parents who care. Search for a show, or browse the hundreds already entered by clicking TV Shows or Movies above. Tell us what age you think is right, and see the opinion of our other parents. It’s the insight you need to make wise parenting decisions when it comes to your family’s television.

Voting is now open on shows like Wall-e, Tosh.O and Family Guy – would you let your kids watch?