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Where did ralph lauren doing ‘the wave’ at sporting events ralph lauren women t shirts originate No one knows.The ancient greeks had former champions from their own ralph lauren womens big pony polos cities help them train for the great national games(The olympic games, the isthmian games, etc. )The roman gladiators trained full time in a school called a ludus.Would be:1.Football 2.But if you are talking about spec.It could be the number of fans.If so, what qualifie popularity:367Merriam Webster’s Dictionary defines agility as the state of being agile:That is, to be”Marked by ready ability to move with quick easy grace”Or to be”Having a quick resourceful and adaptable character”.With such a broad definition, it can be said that any sporting discipline in which pr popularity:272What US sport first paid a million dollar salary and who was the player?At least in the usa, i think thatNolan ryan was the first to have a million dollar a year contract, when the houston astros signed him. I think in1980.It wasn’t but a month or two later that 3rd baseman mike schmidt gained a slightly higher contract.This is verified by almost every independent study ever conducted in the past few decades.Various other sports have a claim to being the next ranked sport popularity:367What two days of the year are professional sportsNot played?For the united states:There are actually professional sports being played on every day of the year.There are two days in which there areNo popular men’s professional sports being played, however(Which many count asNo professional sports being played), which are the day before and the day after Popularity:230What is the most played sport in the US?Baseball and basketball are sports that are played in america a lot.The relative popularity of sports is often measured in terms of how many people watch the game and/ or are fans of it and of course, how many americans play the various sports. (See the related question to the right for relative p popularity:683What sports attract the best professional athletes?Has a Nhl team nba team Nfl team Mlb team from the same state won their respective championship in the same year?No.As of march 2012, that has never happened.New york ranger(Nhl)New york yankess(Mlb) won in19281933;Mew york mets(Mlb)New york jets Nfl) won in1969;Pittsburgh pirates(Mlb)Pittsburgh steelers(Nfl) won in1979;Los angeles dodgers(Mlb)Los angeles lakers(N popularity:233What is the oldest American sport in history?How far back in history do you want to go?The native americans in canada played a game very much like lacrosse and the mayan or inca culture played a form of soccer.Both of these games often used a human skull for a ball.If you just mean since the settlement by caucasians, some pilgrim probably popularity:239

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