Are they old enough for Facebook?

Facebook Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 13 +

facebook-logoFacebook is a popular free social networking website that allows registered users to create profiles, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. The site, which is available in 37 different languages, includes public features such as:

Marketplace – allows members to post, read and respond to classified ads.
Groups – allows members who have common interests to find each other and interact.
Events – allows members to publicize an event, invite guests and track who plans to attend.
Pages – allows members to create and promote a public page built around a specific topic.
Presence technology – allows members to see which contacts are online and chat.

Within each member’s personal profile, there are several key networking components. The most popular is arguably the Wall, which is essentially a virtual bulletin board. Messages left on a member’s Wall can be text, video or photos. Another popular component is the virtual Photo Album. Photos can be uploaded from the desktop or directly from a smartphone camera. There is no limitation on quantity, but Facebook staff will remove inappropriate or copyrighted images. An interactive album feature allows the member’s contacts (who are called generically called “friends”) to comment on each other’s photos and identify (tag) people in the photos. Another popular profile component is status updates, a microblogging feature that allows members to broadcast short Twitter-like announcements to their friends. All interactions are published in a news feed, which is distributed in real-time to the member’s friends.

Facebook offers a range of privacy options to its members. A member can make all his communications visible to everyone, he can block specific connections or he can keep all his communications private. Members can choose whether or not to be searchable, decide which parts of their profile are public, decide what not to put in their news feed and determine exactly who can see their posts. For those members who wish to use Facebook to communicate privately, there is a message feature, which closely resembles email.

In May 2007, Facebook opened up its developers’ platform to allow third-party developers to build applications and widgets that, once approved, could be distributed through the Facebook community. In May 2008, Facebook engineers announced Facebook Connect, a cross-site initiative that allows users to publish interactions on third-party partner sites in their Facebook news feed.
(extract from Internet Glossaries)


  1. Facebook is a big step for a kid. So my girls (11, 11 and 8) have Instagram accounts, with some very strict rules around what they can and can not post. And we check them regularly. They have recently asked for Facebook accounts, and my view is no, they are not yet old enough, seems 15 / 16 is about right to me.

  2. I think the age anyone should be to use Facebook is at least 16, but I’ve seen mature kids utilize it who were 13. Many of my young nephews and nieces use it, and even though it’s odd to see them on Facebook (makes me feel old), it’s not so bad. I just think kids need to be very mature to use Facebook and to realize there are things each child needs to know when using Facebook.

  3. I know FB allows at 13, but I would put my own limit of 15 on that easily. That is only if they ask about it, if they are not interested, I am not going to push the issue!


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