Are they old enough for Geometry Dash?

Geometry Dash Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 8 +

geometry dash Geometry Dash is a 2013 mobile game developed by Sweden-based developer Robert Topala and also published by RobTopGames, which was founded by himself. It is a rhythm-based running game which has 18 levels currently, with each stage featuring unique background music. Although the player is not required to complete a level to advance to the next, they will often increase in difficulty. Other features of the game that exist in the latest versions are the level builder, map packs, user-created levels, secret coins, and a great variety of icons.

Topala also created a free version of the game, known simply as Geometry Dash Lite, which includes the first 7 levels of the full version up to now. This variant, excluding several features from the paid version, does not feature the level builder or user-created levels. The full version was made available to Steam in late 2014.

As of November 10, 2014, Geometry Dash has 18 official levels in the full version, and 7 levels in the lite version. 2 of the levels in the full version are initially locked and can only be unlocked upon collecting a certain number of secret coins. It should be noted that the difficulty of the levels is marked differently between the paid and free versions of the game due to even harder levels being introduced in the paid version; but the level layout is still identical.

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