Are they old enough for Radiation Island?

Radiation Island Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 18 +

Radiation-IslandIn Radiation Island you play someone who has been stranded on an island as part of some mysterious experiment and have to survive on your own. This involves hunting and fishing for food, finding and crafting weapons, finding treasures and information about what exactly it is you’re doing there, and, of course, dealing with those “radioactively-mutated zombies.”

The undead seem like they might be the least of your concerns, however, as all sorts of animals you meet during the day (there’s a day/night cycle) will want to eat you as well, like wolves, bears, mountain lions and crocodiles.

Also, if you complete the campaign mode you’ll unlock a multiplayer mode that lets you fight for resources against other players online, which is great, for man is the deadliest game of all.

Developer Atypical Games is known for the Sky Gamblers series, another bunch of titles that offer some of the finest graphics you can find on iOS devices. Radiation Island is optimized for iPhone 5 and 6 Plus and takes advantage of Metal to improve the graphics even more. Most importantly (for me and many others), it supports iOS MFi game controllers, which means you can don’t have to worry about a cluttered UI- you’ll presumably be able to just use dual joysticks the way the world intended.

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