Are they old enough for The Room Two?

The Room Two Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 8 +

room2The Room Two is a 2013 puzzle video game developed by British-based Fireproof Games as a sequel to The Room. The game was originally developed for the iPad and released in December 2013; the game was made universal to work with the iPhone in January 2014. The Android version was released in February 2014. Fireproof Games has announced that a third title, The Room Three will be released for mobile platforms in 2015.

The Room Two is a three-dimensional puzzle game. Like in the original, each level is in a single room and tasks the player with solving a series of connected puzzles, typically involving collecting clues and parts of mechanisms to unlock complex puzzle boxes and collect new clues and components they contain. The game uses the mobile device’s touch screen controls to simulate actions like turning a key or opening a drawer, as well as to zoom in and out of the various puzzles. Within the sequel, each room may contain several different puzzles in different locations, which the player can move freely between. Ultimately, the player is seeking an exit from each room as to proceed to the next room. The player has a special lens that allow them see special messages and areas made from “Null”, a strange material central to the game’s plot.

The game’s story continues from the previous title, in which the player is following in the footsteps of an acquaintance who has discovered these puzzle boxes based on the Null element, which can cause insanity to those that are exposed to it too long. In the sequel, the player character finds their friends has found rooms that are attached to others that have come in contact with Null, the material warping the reality around these self-contained rooms. The letters from the friend tell the player-character to move through each room quickly, eventually revealing that he too had become too far gone before he could escape. The player-character, on completing the final room, finds the exit leading back to the house where the first game started, but chased by tendrils of an evil entity using the Null. The player-character escapes the house in time as the tendrils cause parts of the house to implode, taking away the passage to Null with it.

The Room Two was released on iTunes for iPad iOS 7 devices on 12 December 2013. The iPad version became a universal app to include iPhones in January 2014 and the Android version was released on 13 February 2014.


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