Are they old enough for Tiny Thief?

Tiny Thief Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 1 +

tiny-thiefTiny Thief is a point and click adventure game that is part of the publisher Rovio Entertainment’s Rovio Stars program. It is set in a vaguely medieval period, though robots and lasers can be found.

The story of Tiny Thief follows a childlike Robin Hood that steals from enemies such as the corrupt sheriff, pirates, and stingy bakers. The solving of puzzles normally requires stealth, meaning that if a guard sees the Thief, the level will restart in a certain point.

In Tiny Thief, the goal is to steal a certain object placed in an area of the level. Each episode has five levels. Players controls a thief by tapping on an accessible area. Players may guide the thief into a ladder, door or anything like it to access more areas. Players can also let the thief pick up objects to help with the mission. Some levels require stealth, so if a guard sees the thief, the level will restart. The game uses the three-star rating format. The first star is earned by picking up hidden items, the second one is earned by stealing the primary item, and the third one is awarded when the thief’s pet ferret is found.

Tiny Thief received favorable reviews on the aggregate review website Metacritic the game attained an overall score of 86 out of 100 based on 21 reviews. It has been presented with the “Editor’s Choice” on the iOS App Store and won the People’s Choice Award at the 10th annual International Mobile Gaming Awards.

– Wikipedia

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