Are they old enough for The X-Files?

The X-Files Age Rating For Parents

AreTheyOldEnough Rating: Ages 13 +

The exploits of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully who investigate X-Files: marginalized, unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. Mulder believes in the existence of aliens and the paranormal while Scully, a skeptic, is assigned to make scientific analyses of Mulder's discoveries that debunk Mulder's work and thus return him to mainstream cases.

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  1. The X-Files is a show I grew up watching at at around the age of 10. In retrospect, I think the show would have been more appropriate for me as a teenager. There certainly are moments within the series that I could not have understood at age 10. There are also some moments that were psychologically scary. In general, the show’s tones are very dark. I would feel comfortable letting my 13 year old watch, but much younger without supervision. I’d be curious to know if anyone else feels the same way?

  2. Very intriguing show and one that can get the imagination going, so I went with 14.


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