Being a parent today is hard!! On top of the usual growing up pains, we now have to deal with smartphones, the internet, and a million apps! Knowing how to keep our children safe in the face of all these possibilities is REALLY hard.

As discussed on FOX, Are They Old Enough is crowdsourcing parenting, giving you quick and easy insights into the lessons that other parents have already learned.

Pick a topic, add your vote to the collective wisdom, and reveal what others think. Have a question or something to say? Hop into the comments and join the conversation.

I’m a father of teenage daughters, which is why I have grey hair! I also happen to have spent my career working in marketing technology and have been behind the scenes of how popular sites and apps on the internet actually work. (If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma on Netflix for an insight into what I’ve seen, I highly recommend it!)

As technology continued to develop it became cheaper and more accessible, quickly reaching the point where most children today have a device of some sort that they can use freely. This is an amazing development for so many reasons, but it also brought new parenting challenges.

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have a break in my career and used the time to create a non-profit that helped other parents understand how to balance the introduction of all this amazing technology with how to keep their children safe, and how to teach them good habits.

The most common question that came up was how old I thought kids should be before they should be allowed to do certain things, like accessing Instagram, having a smartphone, going on a date, etc. I was happy to share my opinion, but I also knew that everyone looked at these things differently, and so I wanted to find a way to crowdsource better answers. is how we do that.